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Inspiration -  Page 1

steps to working with inspiration

first, comes the idea and  one i got driving
down the road, seeing the houses lit up with
christmas lights across the valley and the
train speeding by.  i've seen this view a
million times before, but this time it inspired me.

second, i think about it and vision it in
my mind; but rarely does it come out
on the paper as the vision in my head.

third, i do a basic drawing in pen.
this year, i switched from dipping pen into india ink
to, grumbacher artist pens in fine.
 (permanent waterproof black ink)
the best i've used because
 of their shape and durability.
and a lot quicker.
i may have to sit back and think about it
a bit again, sometimes days, sometimes
minutes, then i go in and do the detail
which will be my next step.

fourth, i paint it with watercolor paints.
i've pretty much stuck with the same palette
the past couple of years. i'm using
winsor & newton watercolor paints
along with white sable brushes.
my favorite sizes are small:
8/0 up to 4.
i also prefer 140lb cold press paper.
i like working in small scale, so the size
of my paper is only 9" x 12".
i do apply a ton of washes.
exception - the sky, as you can tell
by some of the jpgs, the less color
the more bleached the area.

fifth, i'll sit back and check it out,
sometimes going over the lines again
with pen.

now get busy and start creating!
copyright 2006