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Studio News
- The News -
Just to let you all know and to remind myself that life is way too precious -

My neighbor passed away in November and I didn't find out until February; I was too busy working.
My advice to you, which comes with a great cost; not like to play the evens in the
lottery; is to enjoy life and remember that life is life; not the job, it's your family
and your community.  It is your soul and you will miss all of that, like I have, working the
job and not living, the life.  Live life and like Nike says, "Just do it!"
Love you all bunches and yours always,
Just this Barrio -  me,

PS - Sorry for the website probs, I'm a bit outa sorts.  And I know my art is flat, my daughter, the
art and media student, Jera, told me so, but I do still love it.  My Chels, is thinking of dropping out
of school.  I did at her age, should I say, "not you"??
My Art Work, I call it
"Primitive Impressionism"
Technique - "Ink and Wash"
Self-taught, if you'd like to know.
Now where is your creativity going to take you!
write me,  I dare...
copyright 2006